I Have A Brain Tumor

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On Dec 29, I went to the dr to find out why I had been problems with dizziness, and having coordination problems and was told there was a ‘mass’ in my brain. The news took some time to set in. The dogs were in the car and I needed to get to Petsmart to buy them food. Instead I found myself in an ambulance, being whisked off to the local ‘neurology’ hospital. After a couple of days it was determined that it was a tumor and that it was benign. Praise God. And that was the beginning of a story that nearly ended, and permanently changed my life.
My children flew out from California to be with me. I will always believe that their presence gave me the strength to live, it meant so much. My church home group were there and so supportive that I’ll never be able to adequately thank them. The nurses in the hospital were all the most precious people I have ever seen in action. And my surgical team, were miracle workers. My dearest friend Nancy also flew all the way from California to help care for me after I came home.
The tumor was originally said to be 4 millimeters in size, but ended up being larger. It was at the back of my head- good for not dealing with seizures afterward, but bad for muscle pain. It was not conveniently located either and was dangerously close to my brain stem.
And I thought I was headed to the pet store that day. We sure don’t plan our lives.
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