The sun is shining, like it does most every day in Vista.  Blue, cloudless skies, the weather is a balmy 70 degrees.  This is the kind of day that people in other states celebrate over.  Here, it’s just a normal day.  It’s difficult to grasp what’s ahead of us.  To uproot, leave everything we have known and loved behind, and head off into the unknown, with nothing even remotely secure waiting for us at the other end.  But off we go.  My mind is a blur of what to do first.  Packing seems so complicated and is a haunting thought.  I just keep cleaning the house, thinking that somehow, if I get it clean enough, it will all make more sense to me.

My sweet canary and parakeets are singing up a storm since I opened the window for them to get some fresh, spring air.  How am I going to move them?  What if one of them doesn’t make it?  That’s a horrible thought.  Still, they’re so fragile, we will be very lucky to be able to get them across the country alive.  Should I give them up?  Give them to who?  So many of these details that fall under the simple words “move across the country”.

Is God doing this?  Is our government doing this?  Or is this just a consequence of living in a fallen world, to have the economy throw you out of your home and send you packing in the hope of finding a place where you can start all over building your life (at the ages of 51 and 61)?  Whoever’s will it is, it’s happening.

I do resent the ugly greed and ungodliness that has ransacked out country and left us under a government that is leaning and pulling toward socialism.  Americans have forgotten (or just never even been taught) what this country was founded upon; what the beliefs and intent of the forefathers of our nation was.  They did know what they were doing.  And all of America’s troubles came when we began to veer from their vision.  Yet, I can’t help but see that the highest responsibility falls on God’s own people.  We have not been diligent to teach our children right.  How many of us under the age of 50 can even say that we are very well versed in American history?  How many ‘christian’ families are scarred by divorce, unfaithfulness, addiction, abuse and a myriad of the same social ills that plague those without the hope of Christ?  How many Christians are flying the all too popular flag of “grace”, as an excuse for not following the life laid out for us by our own savior?  Instead, living to gratify our fleshly lusts just like the rest of the world, as though we never knew about the much higher calling we have received.  What happened to integrity among God’s people?  What happened to humility, courtesy, and a servant’s heart?  What ever happened to self sacrifice and caring about others instead of refusing to compromise our own comforts?  What about self control?  We’ve all been lulled to sleep, people.  We’ve forgotten what we stand for, and we’ve forgotten to STAND!  We’ve believed the lie that indulgence of our earthly desires is a right, not to be sacrificed, and forgotten that these same desires, when acted upon, turn to the very poison that rots our souls.  The poison that causes spiritual death, the death that God’s own son came to save us from.  “Oh but I have Jesus, I’ll be saved!”  Do you?  Will you? I remember that he said “the one who loves me is the one who keeps my commandments”.    I think there will be a lot of surprises on judgment day.  But I say all of that to say this; the seasons are changing.  The wind is shifting.  The whole world feels it.  We are entering into a difficult time.  If you know God, or even want to know him; I would encourage you to find a quiet place and drop to your knees.  Spend some time in the Word and listen to Him as he convicts you of things you need to change, and things He may be calling you to do to help this country.  At the very least; pray.  Pray diligently as never before.

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