Is This What HAARP Sounds Like?

Around 3:00am last Friday morning (March 2nd, 2012 – the day that is now famous for all the tornados that rolled through Nashville), I woke up because my dog was biting my hand and trying to drag me out of bed.   My other dog, Zion had half pulled my blanket off.  That isn’t normal behavior for them. They were both terrified and whimpering, which is also very strange for them.  Mike was out of town, so it was just me and the dogs.  I heard a weird, low frequency noise… so I went downstairs (dogs at my heels) and I opened the back door expecting it to be stormy outside… But, to my surprise, it was completely calm outside, just this loud, loud, eerie noise.   The dogs even walked outside to have a look around… They looked clearly puzzled.   All I could think that it could be was a tornado coming our way, so I brought the dogs back inside.

I looked outside, all the way around the house and saw nothing in the sky –  but that sound continued was very loud. The dogs were still panicking…So I went inside and sat on the couch watching out the window for a funnel cloud.  That’s when I saw light flashing in the clouds,  like “flash, flash, flash,flash…..” one after another and kept doing that for about ten minutes or so… ? I kept waiting for thunder, but it never thundered. At this point I was terrified too. I kept trying to rationalize the noise and lights…tried to match it up to something else I had experienced before.  Nothing.   Zion, who weighs 95 pounds, and who never gets on the furniture, was up on the back of the couch like a kitty cat or something, pawing at the wall, in a full-on panic. I was tired, it was the middle of the night, so I scooped him down onto the couch with me, he was on his back, feet sticking up, scared stiff.  I squeezed him tight, trying to comfort him.

Roughly an hour or so later, the sound went away. Zion finally fell asleep there… on top of me… on the couch… with one paw around my neck… I couldn’t move or the ‘wooly mammoth’ would wake up, so I lay there and got a good stiff neck. |:o| Belle lay at my feet, still looking out the window intensely.

Later that day, my stiff neck and I went to the internet to see the tornado damage and what to expect (the weather was just spooky-weird all day)… I followed a link to utube to see a video of severe storms in Tennessee someone sent me a link to. Just to the right of that video was another video called “this is what HAARP sounds like” I’d heard about HAARP, so I clicked on it….

OK, now it gets really weird…


These noises in this video were the noises outside that I had heard! (see for yourself below) No joke. As a matter of fact, both of the dogs came running in when I played the video, and were shaking under my feet again and whimpering, even though it was quiet outside. They recognized the sound.  At that point, between the cowering dogs and the spooky weather (it’s not just me – everyone I ran into in Nashville later talked about the ‘weird, spooky weather’ that day) and the identical sound on the video…it felt like I was in the twilight zone or something….. I mean; what on EARTH!??   I have seen more weird things in these past couple of years than in my entire life!

here is the video:

Unbelievable!… here’s a question:  HOW on earth did I happen to see this and click on it?  Like I said – twilight zone… |:o/

So, I concluded – it must have been HAARP, although I didn’t know much about HAARP at that point.  I kept doubting what I’d heard and seen though.  It was too much to try to wrap my mind around.

Then – a couple weeks later – I HAPPENED upon this video…  Hendersonville Tennessee is where I live, in case you don’t know that already.

This was posted only a few hours before the dogs woke me up that night.

Conclusion? Too big to go into here. Only that there is much more going on than the general public is aware of.

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