updated pics of new home

A few of you have asked for updated pics of our new house here in Hendersonville.  I finally took a few minutes to get some taken.  I’m still not finished of course.  I have to paint the living room something other than that caramel color they had in there, and quite a few other things.  But it keeps me busy.  Here, then, are some current pics and some before and after pics.

Weather report:  hot  – It reminds me of living in the San Joaquin Valley today.  It’s so hot that you don’t even want to venture outside.  I hear that’s what it’s like here all summer.  (gasp).

Mike is busy with his video that he is now officially the “Producer” of.  The guys gave him the title.  So if all goes well, this could be an entirely new line of work for him.

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