Christmas in a New Land


I haven’t written in such a long time. Since the holidays are upon us, I thought I should at least put something in here.

It’s December, and here we are in Hendersonville, Tennessee. It’s cold. I keep wondering where the snow is.   It seems to me that I’ve been in weather this cold before but I could swear that there was snow involved.

The cold had me wanting to try out our new, real live, fake fireplace. So I set out to light it. After an hour I gave up and we called a neighbor. After another hour he gave up and we called the landlord. “Oh that’s a bugger!” says he. Hmmm… To date, no fake fire. 🙁

“You can come over and sit by ours.” <:o\ offered our sweet neighbor. hmmm… well, I don’t know…. Do you watch Judge Judy? I always like to watch Judge Judy. And somehow I can’t see your house overrun by two bouncing hippos (the dogs)… they like to sit by my feet when I watch Judge Judy. no, I think we’re going to have to figure out how to get our fire going. But thank you so much for the offer!

Grumble grumble… sure would like a fireplace…. \:o/

Right now both dogs are wet, having just come from the tub. They got into something dead, one of those dreadful things that dogs like to do, and oh my goodness the smell was something to take note of. My worry, is that whatever they got into, since I don’t know what it was, they find it again and bring all my efforts to nothing. Chances of that are fairly good, actually. They’re corralled off in only one room now, so I only have one room to tidy up after they dry. We have fans and heaters going, right up to the limit where the fuses will start to go. I find that a large part of my day is devoted to trying to keep a home looking and smelling like a home while two woolly mammoths live here.

On our walk today, Zion discovered the hunting dog in him! We met the turkeys, face to face, thank you! Rounded a corner and there they were! Zion immediately became as strong as a horse and took off after them…. but stopped at the end of his leash, as it pulled my arm out of socket and nearly sent me into a face first dive. But you have never seen a happier dog! He was in his element and he knew it! Grinning ear to ear, he snuffed and sniffed and oinked (Zion oinks), the trail of the turkeys, who had, by this time, flown off into the trees, which is still the funniest looking thing, I think. These huge, 30 + pound birds up on wimpy little tree limbs.

When we got home, Zion tried to eat the neighbor who stopped by. She stood up too quick. He was sure this was not to be trusted, and he went all “guard dog” on her. He made a lot of noise but thankfully, that’s all he did. Still, I wish I knew how to teach him not to do that. Maybe have people over more often, I thought? He only behaves that way when Mike isn’t home. So he must think I’m frail or something and he needs to be the boss.

Mike is out at another movie shoot today! Mr movie star himself! Pretty soon we’ll be seeing him walking around in the background when we’re at the movies. 🙂 The funniest part is that we still don’t know how the first movie studio got his name. They just called him and said they liked his look. LOL Well, at the current time, even the minimal wage they pay is much appreciated!

Well, hopefully we’ll have a fire soon! If not today or tomorrow, maybe at least before the winter is over! Lol

Hope everyone is having a nice Christmas season.


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