Mo’s Birthday Party (s)

Mo turned 70 the other day (Sunday to be exact). Sandi gave a surprise party for him, but someone spilled the beans. So she planned a second, smaller party the day before…both ended up being big parties. Mike and I were completely pooped after attending both of them! It sure was a lot of fun … Read more

Monday – Otherwise Known As Nancy’s Birthday!

Hi Friends, OK before anything else, I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCY!!!!! :oD Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Nancy!!! Happy Birthday toooooooo yooooooooooo!!!! I love you sweet friend!! :oD I’m still working on the remaining video from our trip. I did manage to finally find some good video … Read more


You know that feeling when you are running a race, and you hit the finish line? How you sort of don’t know what to do next and feel like you want to keep running? Sort of like that! What a beautiful home we have to come home to! What an amazing blessing to have had … Read more

The Home Stretch

Hi friends, We’re holed up here near Magic Mountain tonight. Michael wants to see Jody and Troy and maybe Josh from our band tomorrow. Aaron and Gwen might get lunch with us since they’re flying down to Hollywood to spend the weekend with Alexis (a forever-friend of mine since 4th grade). Hope that works out. … Read more

A Day In Yellowstone

It was a long drive today. About 400 miles. I’ll have to put together all the video clips and get it posted tomorrow though. I woke up with this awful headache today, I think from the altitude? Anyway, I was not going to let it ruin my day in Yellowstone! Of course, it hit it’s … Read more

Green River

Here we are in Green River, Wyoming. First I want to share some pics of the scenery from the entire drive today! Ye-ep, purdy exciting! Here we are, holed up in Green River, Wyoming. (look that one up on your map!) LOL It’s raining and stormy, and we just got off the road when we … Read more

A Day in Yoder!

What a big and eventful day! It’s so late now and we have to be up and on the road in the morning though, so I don’t have time to download videos and pics. We spent the afternoon in Yoder, Kansas. Yoder is an Amish community, but are happy to have the “English” come and … Read more

Day 3 in Hutchinson, Kansas

David and Laurie with their two kids came in yesterday (Brogan and London), just in time to meet us at IHop. We spent the afternoon at George and Teresa’s house, where Zion peed on the floor not once, but twice. So embarrassing. They have two little dogs, so the only thing we could figure was … Read more


Well guys! Here we are!! We’re in Kansas! Hutchison to be exact. We found a nice hotel and got a suite so we can spread out a bit, since we’ll be here a few days. I finally found a store, a Dillards, and got myself pajamas!! It’s been a great drive so far. Long, but … Read more