Rexburg, Idaho

How better to enrich your soul than to walk back to where you came from and look around! Things don’t always work out exactly like we planned, but somehow, they turn out just like they’re supposed to. We had the day planned one way, and it ended up another. I guess God had His own plan of what we ought to do today! We took such a wonderful walk with Wreatha and Micalyn, and her little friend who’s name I forget (sorry!). And then we went to dinner with Ryan and Debbie and just talked and talked. It seems we all go through so many of the same things in this life. And it seems that if we’d only known what we know now, we’d have probably been a whole lot easier on ourselves and everyone else! What a precious, and blessed day! I’m trying to upload a little video here for you. Hope I can get it to work.
All the memories of Grandma and Grandpas’ farm when we were kids, and how much we realized we learned from them. What a wonderful and innocent time it was back then. Running around the entire farm playing that game we played…with notes left in code, that had to be decifered to be able to read the next clue about where the “it” person was hiding! The smells down at the river. Grandmas’ “zit” tea, that we gagged down, hoping to be magically transformed into overnight beauties. And the tirelessly working grandmother and grandfather (mom and dad to the rest of them actually), showing us, by example, how to create a loving home. Debbie was even baking rolls when we arrived, which made it smell just like grandmas’ house! Wonderful, beautiful day.
OK, once again, I apologize for the video not being more professional!! I try to stuff it together at the end of the day, and just don’t have the time to do it as nice as I’d like. Hopefully, you’ll catch the spirit of it though! ;o)

Here’s me and Wreatha. I got to realizing how much I’ve missed her! (Wreatha is my dad’s youngest sister)

Mike, trying out “Junior”s motorcycle

13 thoughts on “Rexburg, Idaho”

  1. When R U returning to CA – SD in particular? I thought your video was VERY professional – loved the music, too:)I can see the family resemblance between you and Wreatha….We’ll miss you tomorrow…..

    Luv U,

  2. WOW how cool is all this, almost like being on the trip with you!!! Love the video, even got Bathsheba’s attention & she watched too 🙂

    Ya what Sandy said, when you comin home if ever? If I were you I wouldn’t, me jealous, I wanna go on a road trip!!

    Love & miss you bunches,

  3. In the mail today from Amazon ” Dead Heat ”
    Loved your Virgin-family -meeting ;o)
    Funny.. you look a bit like Wreatha? lolol
    Blog again soon..

  4. ” me’n Wreatha ” or is it.. like Judge Judy sais:” Wreatha and I ” ?
    I so hope u go see Seeley’s, so u could get in touch w. Brenda, I think Brenda has been very ill, details I have to get from Marie.
    OK Teresa.. that can be done.. let’s you and I go on a roadtrip, we can take my car and I pay for gas.. how’s that?
    Let’s do it, that would be fun. We could go as far as Utah.. and see Bryce and Zion.. awesome sights, and not too far, spend the nights in St. George, how about it?? !

  5. My son and family arrive the 20th for a week to celebrate Mo’s 70th (surprise) – priority right now……. but….. I love thinking about a trip:)

  6. Wreatha is adorable & all the pictures of you Yvonne are way cute too. What a great trip, you are BLESSED!! Who does the song to the video, I love it 🙂

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