A Day In San Francisco

Dan and Lisa have been my friends for nearly as long as I can remember. We figured out today that it’s been 20 years. Now the kids are grown and we look back together. Well, Dan and Lisa’s kids aren’t quite out of the nest yet…almost. We went to dinner with Aaron and Gwen, Brian Martin, Michael’s good friend and colleague, and of course, Dan and Lisa, in the city. I hadn’t seen Aaron and Gwen’s place until today. It’s like something from a movie; a big spacious studio with a breath-taking view. I won’t have many pics of video footage of it because Aaron doesn’t like me pointing a camera at him…it seems I did that a little too much when he was growing up. But in my defense; if you’d have seen how cute he was, growing up, you would have taken pictures too. ;o) Wonderful dinner, wonderful evening. Beautiful city. I’ve always liked San Francisco. The dogs stayed at Dan and Lisa’s with their dog, Penni. Everyone got along.
I feel a little like I’ve taken on the undo-able in keeping up this little blog site. But I want so much to keep these memories intact. Have you ever come to those places in life where you realize there have been so many beautiful moments that you can just hardly remember anymore? Where you wish you could just capture them again, to cherish them just one more time? I know that I can never capture it all. But something about this entire trip has been so absolutely magical and inspired. It seems like it was planned ahead of time for us. And I sense more strongly than usual that these moments we are all walking through aren’t just little random moments, but rather, very particular appointments in time. Each one so precious that as we walk through it, we can’t possibly adequately estimate its’ significance in the great master plan. Mine is not to figure out what it all means, or what each and every purpose is. Mine is to cherish, to hold, to remember, and to give thanks. So many thanks.
Here are some little video clips from our afternoon yesterday with one precious new little life that came into the world this past week. Little Lucas.

I’m a day behind on pictures now too. My video camera is having a hard time connecting, so I had to abandon video for a day and now I’m backed up. I’ll put up video of San Francisco in my next entry.
Tomorrow we start to head home. We plan to stop in Hollywood and stay the night. One more grandchild to see. :o) Wonder what little Troy is up to!

4 thoughts on “A Day In San Francisco”

  1. Can’t wait to see the Frisco pix – a beautiful city:) There’s something exhilarating about driving over THE bridge:)

    Yes, memories and the present combine to make life worth living – God DOES have a plan and nothing happens by coincidence..

    Have fun in Hollywood!

  2. 3 weeks ? this all seemed like one week, it just flew past us.
    It was just wonderful to travel along with you, it was so much fun. Thank you Yvi for the effort and work you put into this, it was a real treat ;o)
    God bless and keep all of us, glad you are almost.. home safely.
    Summer is almost over can you believe? OK then.. lets go to Death Valley.. ok?
    See you soon, glad you got home safe and sound.. enriched with so many wonderful experiences. This all was so worth it.
    Ciao.. good night !

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