Quiet Day Goes To Rant

This was a nice, relaxing day. I got up thinking I’d get some laundry done, but that never happened. We just mozied around, headed over to George and Teresa’s house, and visited with George. Teresa was at Bingo! She loves Bingo. :o) After a bit, it was decided that I should make a run for food, so I did. I got some Subway sandwiches, and then Cheese Blintzes from HIOP. Strange combination, but I had a craving for the blintzes. I met two young girls working at IHOP – twins. They were both missionaries, earning money for their next trip. Cute girls, only 19 years old. One of them had a deformity, she had only a halfway developed arm. But she was serving food just as well as anyone else there. Sweet girls. We shared stories.
Mike called his friend Keiths’ mom. Keith had been killed in Vietnam, and his mom had a real hard time dealing with it. I guess Keith was a pretty great kid. Everyone sure loved him. In the few years on this earth, he managed to leave a lot of people behind missing him. We drove just around the corner to her house and visited for a bit. She is such a beautiful, precious lady. It was hard to see her talk about her son with pain on her face, as fresh as though it had happened recently. The lives lost in Vietnam is a crime. Such a horrible war. So much innocence paying the price for poor leadership and down-right evil. Today you hear people compare the Iraq war to Vietnam, but there is no comparison. Were these people who say that not around back then, I have to wonder? No, what is happening in Iraq has a purpose. We NEED a foothold in the middle east. I feel that people are so blind to the real danger over there that wants to destroy us. People today are just down right lazy though. Spoiled by modern conveniences, they listen to media propaganda instead of reading about events and really discerning what is going on. The media is lying to you, in case you aren’t aware of that yet, people! I hear so many democrats parroting “it’s time for change”. Yet, they have NO clear thought-out idea as to what sort of changes they would be. They want to vote for Obama because he is the democratic candidate. Is he? He sure doesn’t sound like any democratic candidates I have heard in the past! This man is down right unamerican. He terrifies me! If he is elected to office, we will no longer be able to recognize our country as the United States of America. We will lose our strength. We will be in real danger of becoming yet another benign, broken country. Is there a candidate out there who is bold enough, who is honest enough to take on the real situations we are struggling with? To slash through the lies and media hype that has people running scared? Is there a candidate who will stand up to environmentalists and start our country digging for oil, like any red blooded person with common sense would do? A candidate who does NOT see socialized medicine as an answer, but who will revamp the medical system and other systems, governed by wealthy corporations, who are crippling us? I want someone who I can cast a good conscience vote for! I am so heart broken when I think of the America that I learned about when I was a kid. A government by the people, for the people. We’ve become a country governed by the people with the most money, for the people with the most money, namely; special interest groups and big business. I’m starting to rant now, sorry. But if I have to hear Obama talking about “change” one more time, I’m afraid I might throw something at the television. Am I the only one sick of looking at him? Oh, and, just in case you are one of the people caught up by the media hype: THERE IS NO GLOBAL WARMING! Well…now I guess you know where I stand politically! <:o) OK! - Time for a cute puppy video! God Bless America!!
Here is a pic of Mike and I with Nonnie, Keith’s Mom.

Some of George’s family at the get together last night. He has 3 boys, each with sweet wives and kids. A real loving bunch. He has good reason to be proud.

and little guy, all tuckered out.

Tomorrow, we’re going to Yoder! Yoder is an Amish community. They have a restaurant where they serve authentic Amish food, and we plan to have dinner there. I’m so excited!

5 thoughts on “Quiet Day Goes To Rant”

  1. I know and have known this.. long long ago.
    Worldmoney has names behind it..
    Candidates are handpicked not elected.
    Elections are rigged. One World Government is the goal, and is happening.
    Populationcontrol is happening also.. and those trails are merely part of it.
    We have them Again !It is all too late.. peops have been sleeping for as long as I can remember.. and the louder I screamed.. the more they sneered at me. I already have lived under what we have coming.. I can tell you the outcome in details. BUT.. it’s old, and I will shut up now ! The awakening-time has passed.. we are too far down the road….Obama is ” perfect” for ” The Plan” !Handpicked you might say. Get your news on the net. if u know where to look.. turn off the tube.. lies ONLY !

  2. .. 2 more things I just need to add : Water will be privatized and the prices will go thru the roof. Voting will become mandetory, with only ONE box.. where your mark is required. If you don’t show up to vote.. you will be ” picked up ” to do so…. sorry..
    I remember, when ” they came and dragged us to the booth.. my mom screaming and wailing, she did not want to go, ” they” made her..
    This of course is the for-runner to you know what ! ( Been there, seen it.. my heart hurts to remember it..

  3. I’ve read a lot about those days Addie…Sadly, I tend to agree with you about a lot of it – but it’s all predicted in Revelation so none of this should be a big surprise to anyone. However, we’re also not told specifically what happens to the U.S. so that remains to be seen…….

  4. I know.. we have been told.
    I believe, in addition to “knowing ” that if good people do nothing, then they don’t deserve better than what they are getting !
    I write to : My Congressman.. TV-media.. Environmental Agencies.. Talkshows, and am still waiting for as much as one reply ! Not going to happen ! This simply means.. that not enough people are doing it, and public pressure isen’t there, God gave us a brain and a conscience, as for me, I am acting on those facts. As for me and my house, I will serve the Lord. “They” can kill my body, but they can’t have my soul !

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