Well guys! Here we are!! We’re in Kansas! Hutchison to be exact. We found a nice hotel and got a suite so we can spread out a bit, since we’ll be here a few days. I finally found a store, a Dillards, and got myself pajamas!!
It’s been a great drive so far. Long, but we’ve had fun. We did get a little stir-buggy on occasion though.

The dogs are so glad to stop driving. Belle was getting me a little worried. She hadn’t eaten in 2 days. Which isn’t that terribly odd for her, she’s so finicky. But she was dragging around too. So I went to the Walmart superstore here in town and bought some frozen chicken to cook up for her. While I was in the store, Mike called “hey, guess who just ate a whole bowl of dog food!?” I cooked the chicken anyway, what the heck. Oh, here’s that big cross:

After dinner we went for a walk in the massive grass field in front of the hotel. Belle took off like a bullet after a bunny, and I nearly fell flat on my face! I ran with her, though, so she could at least follow his trail for a bit. Around and around we went. Zion always keeps up like he has something to prove, like he’s just as tough as anyone else, even if he IS only 3 months old. When we got back, the dogs were nice and exhausted…..and full of sand burrs!!!!!!!!!!!! I spent well over an hour with a comb, picking them out, one at a time. Those little suckers HURT when they stick you! Zion has a real strong personality. You can’t force him into submission or he completely freaks out and you will never get anywhere with him. He has to be convinced to cooperate. I thought Belle was stubborn, but stubborn has met her match in this little guy. In the end, he sat still and let me comb out burrs though. Then it was Belle’s turn, but she loves to be brushed and combed. It helps a lot having Zion watch Belle doing things, so he learns that “it’s OK”. They’re both out cold now. Just spent. Here is a place in Mew Mexico we found ourselves at. It felt a little like being lost in an old twilight zone episode.

Oh, here’s a good one for you; Our credit card got swiped twice when we were in Oklahoma. We even remember the store and the kid who did it. He went and racked up $1000 on it and our card shut down. We get a new card by Saturday, and it’s going to be alright, but MAN! We were distracted for only seconds, talking to a co-worker of his!! Now I wonder if the co-worker was in on it. Stupid thieves…
Tomorrow we get together with George and Teresa, and David and Laurie and kids. I don’t think Cathy is coming this time around, at least we haven’t heard from her. George has been reading that book “Dead Heat”, not too. For any of you who haven’t read it; read it! The author is Joel Rosenberg, and you can find it on Amazon. Here’s a video of a rest area:

The scenery hasn’t changed since then. Well, as we got closer to Hutchison, things did get a little bit greener I guess. But we’re talking: fields, trees, cows, a house or two, haystacks, cows, fields, silo, cows, fields, tree, cows…….

10 thoughts on “Kansas!”

  1. Why are you talking about Chemtrails? What did I miss? That was a great cross – I finally was able to read some comments….

    You’re missing all the fun here – we now have a slab leak – plumbers arriving tomorrow – yikes!

    We also had fun celebrating our 46th anniversary – Beach House on Tues. nite (friend gave us a gift card) and then Ki’s last nite with some friends – definitely getting in some good ocean scenery 🙂

    Love U 2,

  2. Sorry about that slab-leak.. get out your checkbook. It’s the dentist for me.. 3000 a visit ;o(

  3. Sorry to hear about your dentist visit, Addie – Is that an implant or bridge or root canal or ??? yikes! we get $1,000 from our insurance toward the slab leak so that will help some:)

  4. the dentist crowned my teeth.. every tooth 1000 bucks.. go figure.. mine are all crowned..
    OK.. better subject tomorrow, promis !

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