The Long Road To Denver (with Yoder Video from yesterday)

Ok, I got our Yoder video put together and posted here. I’m struggling along with a little piece of video editing software I found, learning as I go, so there aren’t any nice smooth transitions or anything else nice and impressive. It was enough of an effort to just get all the clips into one movie, small enough to put up on the web!

Today we left Hutchinson and drove all the way to Denver, Colorado. That was a long haul! And boy do we have different weather now. It’s cold outside…well, when I say ‘cold’, I mean, I had to put on a light sweatshirt, but compared to Kansas’ 102 degrees, it’s a little chilly. We’re staying here at a very nice Comfort Inn. Don’t know yet what the driving goal is for tomorrow. Mike got cranky today for the first time on this trip (Me, I never get cranky). So we didn’t have as fun of a drive as we usually do, but I think we’re both just getting a little road worn.
OK mom, you wanted scenery, here’s scenery! Lots and lots and lots of it!

Poor puppies spent so many hours in the car today. We let them play at almost every rest area though, and they played when we got to the hotel room. Still, all in all, not one of their most exciting days either. Tomorrow will be better! I’m just sure of it!
Leaving Kansas felt like leaving home for some reason. As hot and miserable as it is there, the people made us feel so loved that we just didn’t want to leave.

15 thoughts on “The Long Road To Denver (with Yoder Video from yesterday)”

  1. I totally enjoyed the town of Yoder and the horse carts – that fried chicken and homemade bread looked good too! 🙂

    Mike – bipolar “fits”??? lol!

    I heard Denver has been hot so it must have cooled down just for you…..

  2. loverly pics ;o)
    Would have loved to see some of their women?
    I notice that all of your sky-pics are different than our sky-pics around here.. very obvious. Too weird.
    Be careful in Colorado.. and I honestly don’t know why I am saying this.. just be careful.
    I don’t want to ” dominate” your Blog, is why I am skipping days. Tell Mike, that I love him.. will you? ( Dunno why.. just do ;o)
    Dentist 3 crowns tomorrow.. pray for me. Have not checked on your house again, guess.. un-nessecary.Dan not doing good.. back to certain old ways.Will u bring me a surprize-gift? a pretty purse or ..nm ich werde unverschaemt hier.
    Do you hear from Nicole? Have u heard from Vivi.. or her.. if they are coming?
    OK, am yacking too much..
    stay safe ! Love you, mom.

  3. Ye, women pix would have been interesting too….but I’ve seen pictures before of how they dress. 3 crowns all at once Addie? yikes! Will pray for you……Are they drilling or just putting the crowns on? Still an ordeal…..I want a surprise gift too! lol! And…. a translation – I understood part of it:)

    Where do you go next, Yvonne and when?

    luv U,

  4. Drilling was done 2 weeks ago, just to put the crowns on tomorrow.. thanx for prayers ;o)
    “Ich werde unverschaemt = I am becoming outrageous !” Meaning.. overtly asking for a surprize gift, haha !
    This Blog is fun ! We should do this all the time, on a road-trip or not !

  5. o – at leastthe worst is over – PTL!
    yes, the blog IS fun – See what entertainment you have provided, Yvonne? 🙂

  6. .. more fun than good ol’ e-mail..
    My Congressman just called me.. well a townhouse-meeting sorta call.. then I was asked what I want to ask him, and I said:” Chemtrails and I want an answer Now…”
    Of course I had to listen to 100 other people talking to him and I got tired of waiting and my cell kind went deadish.. so I hung up. Too bad, I would have loved to hear his talking ” around the pudding “, at least, they heard it from someone now.. am downright proud of myself ! PatPatPat !!!!

  7. Mike, everything is good.. ok?
    NO weapon formed against you will prosper !
    For some reason, I can’t get that scripture out of my head ! Am praying for you.. your safety et al…

  8. Addie – I’ve been reading all that stuff – there’s a lot of evidence to show that they DO exist, isn’t there? 🙁

  9. .. wow Yellowstone !!!!
    The place where u are right now.. Green-something, I have never been there.
    Yes.. you must be ” at the foot of the Grand Canyon” there….

  10. Gute Nacht, schlaft gut.. und viel Spass in Rexburg.. die Festung der Mormonen !
    Am curious wen Du da triffst ?

  11. Ich werde jetzt nur noch Deutsch schreiben auf die Weise lernst Du es wieder und ausser uns kann’s keiner lesen ;o)

  12. Ihr seid in Yellowstone.. fantastisch !
    Meine 3 Zaehne…. they tried on the crowns.. they did not fit good enough.. so, got to go back wednesday to be re-fitted…
    Mensch.. wenn das vorbei ist.. wie waer das so schoen !!!!
    will look later for more.. my thoughts are with you.. be safe….

  13. ??? was.. nix heute ? Bist sicher zu muede von Y S und bist endlich im Bett. Nicht dazu gekommen einen Blog zu machen? Dann warte ich auf morgen, hoffe dass alles schoen war und gut gegangen ist !Morgen die Virgin-Familie ? Na, das wird sicher ein Spass !
    Gute Nacht..

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