A Day in Yoder!

What a big and eventful day! It’s so late now and we have to be up and on the road in the morning though, so I don’t have time to download videos and pics. We spent the afternoon in Yoder, Kansas. Yoder is an Amish community, but are happy to have the “English” come and buy their crafts and good food. So we bought crafts and ate food and had a wonderful time. After that we went out to Fred and Connie Neufelds farm and spent most of the evening with them, then the rest of the evening with George and Teresa, since we had to bring them all our goodies we bought in Yoder for them to ship them home. The car would have become far to full to travel in any kind of comfort!
Today I learned that little Zion is trustworthy off of his leash!! I had him just walking alongside me everywhere I went, with no leash. Belle sure must feel silly. But Belle can’t be trusted! She has rabbit blood! They’re both dirty from playing on the farm, and thinks that the dogs and I may have had some contact with poison ivy under a tree. (Belle had gotten herself tangled under a pine tree.) So we’re all showering and washing to do the best we can to protect ourselves in the slight chance that we did manage to run across it. So I’m off to throw the dogs and myself in the shower! gotta go!
– – – – – – – – later – – – – – – – –
…hahaha! Have you ever washed dogs in a hotel room?!! I’m not talking about little chihuahuas of course, I’m talking about big, fluffy chow chow dogs! It’s a two man job, just for starters. Then the tub looks like, oh my goodness afterward…then they won’t be dry til tomorrow so the carpet is damp and full of chow chow fur… Now I’m trying to figure out how to make the hotel room look reasonable when we check out tomorrow, to leave us some small chance to be welcome back here again. Oh my goodness. This may not have been one of my brightest ideas…

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  1. All I can say is that you’re braver than I am! 🙂 Makes me glad to have a small dog……

    What did you buy? Perfect place to find all kinds of neat things, I’m sure….

    Has been VERY humid here – of course, you’re in Kansas – what am I telling YOU???? lol!

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