Cracker Barrel!

Well! Today we found our way to Albuquerque!
(note to mom: no jet trails here or in Flagstaff.
Our two highlights today were:
-Belle slipping out of the car at a rest area and taking off like a shot. -and-
-Finding our first Cracker Barrel!
Zion has fully adapted to traveling and seems to be enjoying himself fully. Belle is the old road dog, the pro, the one who knows the ropes of this “hotel to hotel” routine. We drove through the area near the Grand Canyon, not stopping to see it this time since we were just there 2 years ago. But Flagstaff is so beautiful. Up there in the trees and all the fresh air! That’s where we found our Cracker Barrel. We sat out front on the rocking chairs and ate, so we could enjoy the beautiful weather, and so the dogs could be outside instead of stuck in the car. They always get a lot of attention wherever we go, which opens so many opportunities to visit with people, and the people are my favorite thing about traveling. As you go down the road, first, there is this serenity and this feeling of freedom. It brings me back to my childhood, when my dad would drive us through Utah and up to Idaho to see our family there. Mom always loved all the beauty along the way and wanted to stop and enjoy it, and dad was all about breaking his record of how fast he could make the trip. But it’s wonderful; here is this long road stretched out in front of you, with no end and ever changing scenery. Then whenever you stop, you are introduced to yet another reason why God loves ‘man’ so much. There are so many beautiful, different, warm hearted, giving, caring and friendly people. It strikes me profoundly every time I travel. There was the wind worn lady with the story of having adopted a wolf. The little girls playing with the dogs. The elderly lady sweetly smiling but only hearing a fraction of what I said to her, but nodding like she did. All precious, each and every one.

Well, now we’re in Albuquerque. Tomorrow’s plan is to find a Ross to get PJ’s. Then we’ll try to get another 400 miles behind us. They have the most beautiful sunsets in Albuquerque!
Some people outside of the hotel asked me if Belle and Zion were show dogs…. :oD Did I beam with pride? Oh, you know it!
Oh, I didn’t tell you about Belles’ escape did I? I think I’d rather forget. Yea, she slipped out while I was leashing up Zion and bolted. I’ll put up the video that goes over it a little bit. She ended up finding a squirrel hole and digging in it so happily that I was able to come and leash her. I learned today, never to call “Belle, NO!” –Completely counter productive. Exactly WHAT to do when this happens, I still don’t know. Any dog trainers out there?

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  1. am confused, so I will enter it again.
    I gave Anita, my german friend.. this Blog, so she can follow you and read the comments and leave some too. Ich schreibe ein paar Worte Deutsch, damit sie weiss, dass sie’s hier richtig gefunden hat.
    Das wuerde doch Spass machen.. von Deutschland her, diese Reise zu verfolgen.. ja?
    I just called Death Valley to get a room, they are SOLDOUT ( now in the summer ) because of German Tourists ! Wow ! So, I have to wait til Sept. to go there.. o well..
    Anita.. lass von Dir hoeren.. dass wuerde auch Yvonne Spass machen !

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