Children Are A Gift From God

A new baby! A new addition to the circle of people we love! Little Lucas Carver Nachtigal was born on Friday, August 8th. he weighed 8 and a half pounds. Lucas is as big and healthy and content as you could ever hope a baby to be!
(you’re getting great big pictures today, better to see the baby!)

It’s so refreshing to see a young couple with their values intact starting their family. Their commitment to one another is apparent when you are with them. Luke’s maturity, and his love for his sweet young wife and baby is just heart warming. And Anita is about the sweetest, warm hearted going girl. They’ll be great parents. They love God and follow him with their whole hearts. It’s nice to see a little one born into that kind of a setting. To be given every possible advantage as they start out their lives.
His little face looks so much like Luke. But they think he has Anita’s nose. I saw some of her in his eyes. He’s a peaceful baby. Just a little package of new life and hope and everything that is innocent and beautiful. I can’t wait until the kids get Skype so that I can watch him grow! Babies are the most wonderful little people. Just holding one seems to put the world back into perspective, doesn’t it? :o)
Congratulations Luke and Anita! I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to post the videos. My video camera is giving me some trouble. I’m hoping it’s just because the battery is low, so I have it on the charger for the night.

Belle and Zion enjoyed Luke and Anita’s dog, “Barley”‘s company. They played all afternoon. haha! My little socialite chow chows! :o)

We’re spending the night in Medford, Oregon, and starting to head toward home now. Tomorrow we plan to see Dan and Lisa Neith; my forever-friends. :o) I hope to get hold of Aaron and Gwen too, to at least spend a little bit of time with them.

15 thoughts on “Children Are A Gift From God”

  1. wow! beautiful baby! Looks sooooo healthy:) I think you need to publish a list of who everyone is lol! Hard to separate your relatives from Mike’s 🙂

    Glad you’re heading home ’cause even though I’ve enjoyed these blogs, the real thing is better! Miss U lots!

  2. So sweet baby. What a wonderful road trip! Thank you, Yvonne, for doing the extra work on your vacation so that we can all enjoy it!

  3. It is the best idea ever.. even though it is knowledge and work to do this.. to BLOG a trip.
    Wonerful all around. For those on the trip.. the reaction to the happenings.. and for those at home that could not go.. as if theye were on a trip also. Nice to get to know all those family members.. we either. never knew, or have not seen in ages. This whole thing is great, and I wish we could continue it.. even when we are at home.. agreed? A sense of love and closeness.. inspite of the miles between us.
    Love it.. just love it ;o)

  4. If anyone would be interested, I would continue the story I started telling, but I had no reply.. I was being chased by a Limo in a residential area.. remember? But… I can stop right here, if no one wants to know what happened after that..
    ok.. waiting for your next Blog.. Yvi ;o)

  5. Addie – never saw your story do that’s why no reply lol – what do you want to do with it? How are your teeth?

  6. 2 days ago, going east on the 78, a limo, window rolled down and a head of a guy sticking out.. yelled at me, and started to follow me. Next exit I pulled off.. scared a bit..In a residential area.. going 60 MPH, trying to get away from that limo, I was reaching for my cell.. and remembered that it now is against the law to use the cell.. while driving, so I cut fast corners.. my heart racing and that limo hard and fast on my tail..
    ok now Yvonne will change pages and my story will vanish again.. so I will stop right here;(
    I no longer have to visit any dentist ;o) am done.. perfect smile.. no cavities anywhere.. broke but happy ;o))) Thanx 4 asking..

  7. anyone with a good idea, should now add to that story.. and after about 10 Blogs or so.. a hilarious funny story will emerge .. everyone adding something.. as spinning yarn ;o)))

  8. ok now I get it……..

    The guy was trying to tell me that there was something dragging from the passenger side of my car……. he wasn’t sure if it was a person, animal or exactly what it was but he kept speeding to catch up with me to tell me that the object was there. I got out of my car and walked around to the passenger side of my car…….. what do you suppose I found?

  9. I surely found out that what Judge Judy always sais, is right on : Never ever get out of your car.. if someone is following you !
    So I made the mistake of getting out of my car, and what do you know, this guy got out of his limo, and got next to me saying:” I know you from somewhere,I recognized you in your car, so glad you pulled over !” I got scared because I had never seen this guy.. so I told him to take a hike, but he got closer to me, sorta getting into my space.. I hunted for my cellphone..

  10. .. my heart pounding trying to dial, the darkhaired 45ish looking guy grabbed my hand.
    I got free, jumped back into my still running car.. and sped out of there, making a right, way too fast. Turning the corner, right in front of me a fallen tree blocking the street, we had a bad storm the night before and that tree still had not yet been removed. Straight into the tree I drove and stalled. El Creepo had followed me.. but was a better driver than me.. he stopped before encountering the same fate.. he cruised around the mess.. and sped off. I was glad of that but..I was stuck in that tree, all stressed out I started to cry
    (duh ). I managed to get out and right in front of me, I see this little bird’s nest.

  11. well, ok, then I will real quick go on with the story.. originally, I was on my way to explore ” Kokoweef ” til all this happened. I could not believe that my car started.. I pulled out of that tree, a few scratches on the hood.. otherwise I saw no damge. I let the birdsnest be.. and started back on my trip. Yes.. Kokoweef and surrounding mystery areas, an old dream of mine.. to answer many of my questions, I had 3 days of supplies w. me.. food and water, even some clean clothes. Kokoweef is nothing very exciting to look at.. but.. what’s inside all those caves. I 15, then 4 miles of dirtroad took me to where I was going.
    Finally.. there it was ” Kokoweef” ;o)
    I had to find the entrance to that cave, that cave that has so many stories buzzing in the circles of adventurers, of which I am one.
    Back pack in place, good climbingshoes.. off I went, let the excitement begin, I have to find that cave ;o) More tomorrow.. I hope that someone else will jump in here.. and continue..

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