First post op doctor appointment

Today I saw my surgeon for the first time since surgery. Everything looks real good. He did tell me, which I didn’t know, that he had to take out a little piece of white matter (brain) near my balance center and that it may effect my left side a bit. I’ve noticed the left side and some balance problems, but both are better than before the surgery, so I’m not complaining. He said to give it 6 months to a year, before I figured that was about as good as I was going to get, recovery wise. Me, I’m still believing for 100%. I went up to the 7th floor and visited my nurses and gave a couple of them tearful hugs. That felt good. Then I got a copy of all the neat, gory pictures they took of my brain from the imaging center….oh my goodness, that thing is creepy looking!! I’m still trying to figure out how to get the hospital cd to work, but I got one good pic of that thing in my brain to share with you. }:o|

Also, here’s my miracle worker dr. Spooner, and just a couple pics of me, all dressed, make up and all. I’m still puffy, but hopefully, I’ll look like my normal self one day soon.
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