Michael left this morning with Petra to go to Sweden and Norway. It’s the second time he’s gone to Europe since my surgery. The first time I couldn’t drive yet.

Life feels pretty normal again now though. I was able to go to Cornerstone with the band last week. I was so happy about that and I enjoyed Cornerstone so much! Barry McGuire was there, and Glenn Kaiser, Derry Dougherty, Mike Roe, Phil Keaggy, Terry Taylor and Daniel Amos….it was so amazing.

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The Story Part III

Up until this point, I felt peaceful and didn’t have any fear. I was in the best hospital I could imagine. Michael finally knew that I wasn’t a hypochondriac. My kids – both my kids were there. That was a miracle to me. I was surrounded by professionals and love. I knew I’d be alright. I felt like God was working overtime to reassure me of it. I kept thinking “the enemy kicked me in the head; but God, in his wisdom allowed it! – I look forward to see the good He’s going to bring from this!” I felt like I was being carried along in perfect peace…. I’m sure the steroids and pain killers contributed, but it was much more than that.

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First post op doctor appointment

Today I saw my surgeon for the first time since surgery. Everything looks real good. He did tell me, which I didn’t know, that he had to take out a little piece of white matter (brain) near my balance center and that it may effect my left side a bit. I’ve noticed the left side and some balance problems, but both are better than before the surgery, so I’m not complaining. He said to give it 6 months to a year,

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