Michael left this morning with Petra to go to Sweden and Norway. It’s the second time he’s gone to Europe since my surgery. The first time I couldn’t drive yet.

Life feels pretty normal again now though. I was able to go to Cornerstone with the band last week. I was so happy about that and I enjoyed Cornerstone so much! Barry McGuire was there, and Glenn Kaiser, Derry Dougherty, Mike Roe, Phil Keaggy, Terry Taylor and Daniel Amos….it was so amazing.

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The Home Stretch

Hi friends, We’re holed up here near Magic Mountain tonight. Michael wants to see Jody and Troy and maybe Josh from our band tomorrow. Aaron and Gwen might get lunch with us since they’re flying down to Hollywood to spend the weekend with Alexis (a forever-friend of mine since 4th grade). Hope that works out. … Read more


Well guys! Here we are!! We’re in Kansas! Hutchison to be exact. We found a nice hotel and got a suite so we can spread out a bit, since we’ll be here a few days. I finally found a store, a Dillards, and got myself pajamas!! It’s been a great drive so far. Long, but … Read more