The Home Stretch

Hi friends,
We’re holed up here near Magic Mountain tonight. Michael wants to see Jody and Troy and maybe Josh from our band tomorrow. Aaron and Gwen might get lunch with us since they’re flying down to Hollywood to spend the weekend with Alexis (a forever-friend of mine since 4th grade). Hope that works out. Michael left our brand new, pretty expensive, double leash at a rest area today. I’d been feeling sort of emotional already after seeing my old house and how run down it had become, and just the whole beautiful trip and it’s emotional impact on me and the lost leash served as the straw on the proverbial camels’ back. I had a good cry.
We live in such a beautiful country. A giant country full of beautiful people. I don’t know what it’s going to look like after the upcoming election, but I’ve never been so concerned about an election before in my life. While I’m obviously a republican, I’ve had respect for different democratic presidents over the years, and other democratic officials. I’ve seen such a change recently in the democratic party though. The “left” has become so FAR left, that common sense seems to have gotten lost. There is no question that we have some serious problems in our country, but all I am hearing out of Obama is “change”, and no clearly laid plans of what he plans to do. It sounds much like how the German people followed when Hitler promised “change”. He too was very charismatic. I know that’s a pretty extreme statement. But in this time of global terrorism, how wise is it to elect a commander and chief with no military experience? Do we want them on our soil again? I am merely ranting right now, and probably should not be, as I should take the time to really address this in full. Maybe I will. I would like to send out this one plea to everyone though, no matter what your political affiliation or who you are; please please, read read read, study, look at the candidates backgrounds, remember your history..but above all: vote responsibly!
Don’t just believe what you hear, especially from the media!!


3 thoughts on “The Home Stretch”

  1. Preach it sister! 🙂 A lot of people haven’t been reading some of the facts – read! read! read! I have had the strangest discussions with those people – never have I seen a pre-election time so filled with emotion and not much logic. I was open to either candidate but I’m not any longer.

  2. right.. we have no choices.. both have been crammed down our throats. Whoever ” wins ” is pre-determent ( sp )…..boy, I don’t trust none of them, period.
    Glad you are almost home, I just went over.. to check if everything is in order.. IT IS.. everything is kewl at home ;o)Did u hear about Obama’s Father? A Muslim-bigamist,killed and lost both legs while drunk driving.. isen’t that just so precious.. arghhhhh..

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