You know that feeling when you are running a race, and you hit the finish line? How you sort of don’t know what to do next and feel like you want to keep running? Sort of like that!
What a beautiful home we have to come home to! What an amazing blessing to have had the opportunity to have an experience like this great trip we have just completed! I can barely wrap my mind around everything we have seen in the past 3 weeks!

Our last days were spent with Dan and Lisa up in the bay area. We drove through the San Joaquin valley from there, and stopped to buy a case of peaches, of course!! There are no greater peaches!! I cooked some up this morning and made a wonderful sauce out of them to put on top of my pancakes! Yum!

We stayed the night up around Valencia. Kinda icky there. Just icky sounding people. People who maybe haven’t had the chance to understand beauty. So Mike got in a fight with the hotel lady immediately about the pet fee. He asked me to step outside, so I did. Now get this! In the morning when he went to put in a complaint about the lady, he was informed that there was NO pet fee!! Never was! The lady was wanting cash, and would have just pocketed it! Can you believe it? It’s times like that I’m so glad I have Mike. He can smell a con a mile away. Probably because he can be a good con himself if he wants to be. <:o}

Yesterday was so funky and fun! We met Alexis, Jody, Meredith, and Troy at a Jamba Juice store in the City (LA). Then later Aaron and Gwen joined us. It was a little row of restaurants with outdoor seating, and we just got up here and there to get what we wanted to eat or drink. We just sat and visited for hours and hours…let’s see…from 1:30 until 8:45!! ha! It was pretty great. We left Aaron and Gwen to have their visit with Alexis for the rest of the weekend and headed home sweet home. We all felt sort of like Zion so beautifully illustrates here:

My poor dogs! They were so good through the entire trip. Zion had a few issues yesterday with other dogs. He barked at them and Meredith thought he might be aggressive… I thought he was a puppy wanting to play, plus a little bit of “I’ve been stuck in a car for 3 weeks” energy tossed in. I’m pretty sure I was closer to the truth. They were so happy to be home! At first it seemed to take a bit for it to soak in for them. Then Zion started running around and around and around, like his little clumbsy self (he’s so funny when he runs…he looks like a little hippo or something). Everyone slept like babies.
Here is a pic that Lisa took of us at her house:

I still need to download some video. I’ll do that later today. For those of you who have followed this, thanks for sharing our trip with us! What an adventure it’s been!

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