Michael left this morning with Petra to go to Sweden and Norway. It’s the second time he’s gone to Europe since my surgery. The first time I couldn’t drive yet.

Life feels pretty normal again now though. I was able to go to Cornerstone with the band last week. I was so happy about that and I enjoyed Cornerstone so much! Barry McGuire was there, and Glenn Kaiser, Derry Dougherty, Mike Roe, Phil Keaggy, Terry Taylor and Daniel Amos….it was so amazing. I still get bad headaches sometimes, and I did get one there. But I can handle them with medicine. I found out that loud music makes me real dizzy! So, after I spent a day wobbling around, I learned to take my cane to concerts (and earplugs!).

We got to go see U2 last Saturday as well, so it was a very active few days for me. A little bit too much yet. It takes a few days to really get back my strength afterwards, but I don’t regret a minute of it! 🙂

The Petra TBN Special is going to air on Friday. I’m praying for millions of viewers to see it and have it touch their hearts!

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