Kentucky Outing

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Here are a few pictures from our great day on Jerry’s farm in Kentucky. 🙂

I had a wonderful weekend. Saturday was a lot of activity that really wore me out, but I’m still glad I went. We drove to Kentucky for a hillbilly picnic. We have some very highly skilled guitar and banjo players and songwriters in our small church. One of them is Dallas Frazier, who wrote Elvis Presley’s song “There Goes My Everything” – remember that? He also wrote “Elvira” and “Alley Oop”. 🙂 Anyway, we had a big potluck and then the guys brought their banjo’s and guitars and we all sang worship songs. The guys had written a few original ones, which was awesome too. We sat on the grass, and ate, and visited and sang. I got to bring Zion and Belle so for me it was a perfect day! Even though I didn’t do much, except sit on the grass, it wiped me out pretty good. Sunday I stayed home from church and rested. I still feel a little bit “wiped out”, but it was a wonderful time and so worth it!

My slideshow thing is working kind of funky for some reason, though, so please be patient, the pictures take a few seconds to load up.

These are some of people who have been there for me through thick and thin this past year. They are some of the most genuine Christian people I have ever known. Their prayers are responsible for how well I am doing. Between them and Nancy, who came to take care of me the first week, Michael was able to make it through everything, as well as me. I can’t talk about all of it without starting to cry.

Let me introduce: Jerry – my ‘hillbilly’ friend and wonderful guy. He’s the one in the white hat. I think his wife Gail is in one of the group shots… The guy in the blue shirt, with him, is our pastor, Mike Peasall. Dallas, is in the black hat. And Bill Hatcher sitting with Zion and Belle under his feet. He and his wife Jennifer are two of the most wonderful people. Then Brice – he’s the tall guy with curly hair in the guitar and banjo entourage. His wife Julie is in there in a group shot. She has long white hair and has on a black cap. Those two are the most loyal friends. They all are. The children all belong to the Peasall family (the pastor’s family). They’re all beautiful kids, just precious. A musically gifted family.

Wonderful people – wonderful music – a wonderful day! Thanks to Jerry, Gail, Julie and all who helped put it together!

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