Green River

Here we are in Green River, Wyoming. First I want to share some pics of the scenery from the entire drive today! Ye-ep, purdy exciting!

Here we are, holed up in Green River, Wyoming. (look that one up on your map!) LOL It’s raining and stormy, and we just got off the road when we realized that all the hotels between here and Yellowstone were booked. So we just stopped. We’ll start out early tomorrow to go to Yellowstone Park. We should get there, we hope, around 2:00, and be able to see a little bit of it and a geiser or two. Rexburg, Idaho is only 80 miles away from Yellowstone, so we’ll roll down into there for the night. My family (some cousins and an aunt and uncle or two) will meet us in Rexburg Park to visit for a while. I’m really looking forward to that!

OK, in answer to the request for pics of Amish women! lol I saw no Amish women. I’m so sorry. There were waitresses, dressed a little bit Amish… hmmm.. Here’s one I found on the internet for you. Hope it will do:

Seeing the Amish farmers come into town on their buggies was a real special treat though.
It’s been raining all day. It feels like fall weather in August…strange. I can’t imagine daily life in a place like this! This is truly the middle of nowhere. We passed through Rock Springs, and it’s got to be the most plain, dull looking place. Not a tree to be seen. mostly trailer homes. Mining on every hillside all around the town. Road construction so bad that it’s hard to navigate yourself through it. Just – yuk. Well, maybe to men who like to dig in the rocks it’s a utopia, who am I to say?

Green River on the other hand, (only 15 miles from Rock Springs), is a recreation area. Everyone’s got their toboggans , and little canoes. I guess this is the start of the Grand Canyon, and there’s good white water rafting here. We were lucky to find a place to sleep for the night. Mike didn’t even ask if they accepted pets. We just got a room and swiftly slipped the dogs into the room! Once in the room, I picked up the hotel guide and found that they do allow pets (whew), so we aren’t outlaws after all! <:o) OK, here are some more memories of Kansas -

Zion cuddles with uncle George

Zion finds an air conditioning vent to sit on just like in the home he was born in

p.s. – glad you ladies are having a good time chatting away there! ;o)