A Day In Yellowstone

It was a long drive today. About 400 miles. I’ll have to put together all the video clips and get it posted tomorrow though. I woke up with this awful headache today, I think from the altitude? Anyway, I was not going to let it ruin my day in Yellowstone! Of course, it hit it’s apex at Old Faithful Geiser…and of ALL the videos to botch up, that video got completely botched. I have no idea WHAT went wrong with it but it’s just an audio and a bunch of black and white blinking stuff. <:o\ weird But we saw it all! The geisers, the smoking pots, the bubbly holes, the colored rocks, the turquoise pools... we just about got finished when the sky broke into a thunder storm! We experienced a lot of delays, they have a lot of road construction going on. But we made the best of it and made friends with the other folks stuck in line with us. I think I have that on video too. OK, so now we're in Rexburg, Idaho! Wow, does this town have a lot of memories for me! Summer trips to grandma's house, playing on the farm with Wreatha and Ryan, riding bikes, playing in the canal, walking down to the river, main street, Brenda Seeley, (whatever happened to her anyways?), and just on and on and on... I learned so much about life here. Wow. Well, tomorrow we'll see who we can find to visit with! I'm beat. The headache is almost gone, but you know how a headache wipes you out. So forgive me for not having much up tonight. I need to get to bed!

The Tetons

Making Friends


4 thoughts on “A Day In Yellowstone”

  1. So sorry to hear you had an altitude headache. I had one of those once and it’s pretty awful. I’ve never been to Yellowstone and always wanted to. Looks like it’s quite beautiful. When will you all arrive back in SD? Any particular date? Glad you’ve shared your trip – It’s been fun!

    Luv U,

  2. Yvonne.. my question: Any Buffalos in YSP ?
    How’s Mike holding out in “M” land?? haha
    Rexburg is 7000 ft ” in the air” take precautions w. the altitude headache.

  3. The ” Tetons”.. is that was that pic is?
    The french word for ” T..Ts ” did u know? lol
    In the 50s a plane crashed into the Tetons.. they are still up there, Dad told me that..after all we use to live near there and the Tetons are visible from the Virgin house ;o)

  4. Wo bist Du denn? Wieder zu muede ?
    Wie war’s mit der ” Familie ?” Alles in Ordnung, wie lange bleibt ihr da? Gucke doch mal nach Seeley’s, du weisst noch wo die wohnen.. am Ende der Stadt.. runter da.. wo du die ” Buttes” sehen kannst, auf der linken Seite. Die wuerden doch was ueber Brenda wissen und die wuerden sich maechtig freuen. Hoffe , dass Du’s machst !Ich habe die Nummer falls Du sie brauchst ?!

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