Some Interesting Dates

I was recently handed a book called “I Have A Friend Who Is Jewish, Do You? I wasn’t sure how a book geared toward convincing Jewish people that Jesus was Messiah would be applicable to me, but I ended up finding some ‘fact gems’ in it that really impacted me. I believe these points stand well on their own. Our world is so full of chaos and uncertainty. We’re all looking for signs of what is to come.  Is this the end of our country?  Is this the end of history period?  Is America going to fall? Will our economy turn around before we’re out on the streets in bread lines? Of course I don’t have the answers to those questions, (sorry), however, here are some interesting dates and points to consider, which, I believe, clearly illustrate who is in charge, and just how absolutely and factually in charge He is. Enjoy – and may He fill you with the faith you need to weather the storm!

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