Day 3 in Hutchinson, Kansas

David and Laurie with their two kids came in yesterday (Brogan and London), just in time to meet us at IHop. We spent the afternoon at George and Teresa’s house, where Zion peed on the floor not once, but twice. So embarrassing. They have two little dogs, so the only thing we could figure was that he was marking territory. Mike locked him outside for a few minutes to teach him a lesson but it was so hot out there that he was in a full panic when I went to get him 5 minutes later. Poor baby. After that you couldn’t DRAG him outside. It was 102 yesterday, Kansas is hot.
George is looking real well after his recent scare. He had spent a week or more in the hospital after an artery in his leg burst for some reason. Since he is on Heprin so that he doesn’t have a stroke (he has a blood clotting disorder), it was dangerous for them to take him off of it for even a short time, but they had to, to stop the bleeding. Fortunately it worked out. He looks much better than he did when we were here 3 years ago, actually.
They have a real nice little house, decorated real cute.
The 3 brothers are going to go out to the farm to reminisce. I’m taking the morning off to catch up on my blog, do some laundry, and if I have time, head back over to Dillards and see what else they have on sale. :o) heehee
No pics or video today. I’ll try to get some up tomorrow.

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