Family and The Good Ol Days

So what, you might wonder, do a group of brothers, 2 in their 50’s and one 60, once renowned in their home town of Hutchison, Kansas as the hell-raisers who led a generation into rebellious antics and wild living back in the sixties, talk about when they get together after many long years apart?

Zion got so bored that he and decided to walk Belle.

What a fun day of visiting, shopping, more visiting, eating, and more visiting! Someone gave Zion people food though, being locked in the hotel room with him tonight is going from unpleasant to unbearable pretty quickly here. I bet the kids fed him pizza. Wait! No, they said that he ate a stink bug while I was gone! …ewwwwww!!

Well, he seems to FEEL alright, so I guess I can safely assume they’re not poisonous…right?…!

From left to right: Belle, Michael, Yvonne, David, Laurie, Zion, George and Teresa.

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  1. Makes me reminisce about my own SC family and how we’d all sit around and talk for hours. My aunt just turned 92 yesterday and a lot of my daddy’s family is gone now – just cousins – but – I have wonderful memories. 🙂

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