The Brain Tumor

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On Dec 29, I went to the dr to find out why I had been having severe problems with dizziness and coordination to the point where it had become difficult to walk. It had started in November, for the most part.  The Dr told me after examining me that I needed to go directly to the hospital.   I had driven myself to the doctor, which I look back at now incredulously now.  My dogs were in the car and I had planned to go to Petsmart to buy them food.  But I drove myself to the local hospital, only a few blocks away.  I drove clear around the city to get there.  My brain was so impaired that it mapped out a very illogical route for me.  Of course, I didn’t know that my brain was impaired… at the time.  

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I Have A Brain Tumor

[flagallery gid=10 name=”Gallery”] On Dec 29, I went to the dr to find out why I had been problems with dizziness, and having coordination problems and was told there was a ‘mass’ in my brain. The news took some time to set in. The dogs were in the car and I needed to get to … Read more

My Dog

My dog is nice. Well, usually. He is big, and foreboding looking, with the added reputation of “chow” emblazened on his DNA, but he is nice. Most of the time. So as I meet people walking their dogs I call out “he is friendly!” to calm their fears as I watch their eyes dart to the left and right to plan an escape route with their pet. My announcement usually suffices and I receive a warm, friendly smile out of them as doggie greetings ensue.
Yesterday my dog made me into a liar.

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Some Interesting Dates

I was recently handed a book called “I Have A Friend Who Is Jewish, Do You? I wasn’t sure how a book geared toward convincing Jewish people that Jesus was Messiah would be applicable to me, but I ended up finding some ‘fact gems’ in it that really impacted me. I believe these points stand well on their own. Our world is so full of chaos and uncertainty. We’re all looking for signs of what is to come.  Is this the end of our country?  Is this the end of history period?  Is America going to fall? Will our economy turn around before we’re out on the streets in bread lines? Of course I don’t have the answers to those questions, (sorry), however, here are some interesting dates and points to consider, which, I believe, clearly illustrate who is in charge, and just how absolutely and factually in charge He is. Enjoy – and may He fill you with the faith you need to weather the storm!

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Christmas in a New Land


I haven’t written in such a long time. Since the holidays are upon us, I thought I should at least put something in here.

It’s December, and here we are in Hendersonville, Tennessee. It’s cold. I keep wondering where the snow is.   It seems to me that I’ve been in weather this cold before but I could swear that there was snow involved.

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The Road To Nashville

I thought that I may as well write about this, in the event that anyone still reads this thing. 🙂 I wish I could provide you with some video footage or pictures, but in the million details of packing up an entire house, while packing for a trip, I ended up grabbing a few, but … Read more


The sun is shining, like it does most every day in Vista.  Blue, cloudless skies, the weather is a balmy 70 degrees.  This is the kind of day that people in other states celebrate over.  Here, it’s just a normal day.  It’s difficult to grasp what’s ahead of us.  To uproot, leave everything we have … Read more